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Air Conditioner Buying Guide

Thinking about AC this year?

Things to consider when getting AC proposals.

1. The most important thing is finding a company with a good reputation (check google reviews). Also, we recommend checking the Better Business Bureau site (BBB).

Be careful when you’re choosing contractors from sites like Kijiji etc. as you may think your getting a great deal until they don’t answer their phone when the AC does not run or you come across a warranty issue, etc.

(Typically we see unscrupulous companies providing poor installs by cutting corners and not following the manufacturers install-guidelines. Most often repairs or major overhauls are required to get the cooling system to work correctly.)

2. Ensure your HVAC proposal is broken down into individual lines, so you know all the parts and accessories that you’ll be receiving with this proposal.

Sometimes “salesmen” will promise you everything verbally, but it may not be what you’re getting. Always get it in writing as this will provide legal protection as agreed upon in the contract.

3. Have them list out the brand names and the model numbers in your proposal so you know exactly what you are comparing or what is being installed.

(We have heard of other companies installing a different product which was originally agreed upon verbally).

4. Remember all homes prior to November 2016 can be 13 seer and after have to be 14.5 total seer after 2016. When pulling a permit, verification is manditory. It is included with your house records with the city of Airdire, town of Crossfield or municipality for the future when you sell.

(If you go to sell your house and it is the wrong seer unit and has not been inspected you may have to redo it prior to the sale).

5. We recommend the following items (below) in your AC proposal to make it run better, protect better, provide you with better comfort and energy savings. If we provided you with a free AC proposal, we would explain why you would always want these options below. We made an AC buyers guide to help you.

Always Have the Following Items Included in your AC Proposal

  • Cased evaporator coil with a TX valve
  • AC to be mounted on brackets
  • Wall Thermo Thimble
  • Refrigerant sight glass
  • Solid PVC condensate drain lines
  • Electrical Permit and inspection

An air conditioning system is a valuable asset for your home and we want to pass on some important information to protect your future investment.

AC Unit which was not installed correctly

This AC was installed on the side of a newer home and was sinking into the ground. It was pulling on the electrical lines (1) and the refrigerant line set (2). It was never installed correctly and had non-condensibles in the system, from not providing the proper installation steps. The customer wanted it all removed. He also had 2 furnaces which this one AC unit could not keep up in the hot weather.

AC Unit Correctly Installed

This was after we installed the 2 new AC units on brackets. Customer was very happy with the result.