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Garage Heaters

Garage heaters are a necessity for homes that use the garage space as a workshop or utility area providing more living space.

The best garage heaters will keep the workspace area warm, even during the coldest days.

Natural gas garage heaters are safer than electric space heaters. They are also low-maintenance and generally easy to service and repair.

Forced Air Garage heater
Add a Garage Heater for More Living Space

The average insulted garage can easily accommodate a small heater with 30,000 - 45,000 BTUs to heat the area. In fact, choosing an over-sized heater can often lower the efficiency rating as the full operating temperature is required for best efficiency.

Airdrie Air will help you find the best heater for your garage size and your budget as we feature a number of products and manufacturers. Call us 587-600-7637 for a garage heater quote.

energy efficient, natural gas garage heaters

Types of Garage Heaters

Forced Air Garage Heaters

Forced Air Garage heater

Forced air unit heaters are very efficient providing a fast heat source. Overhead units burn fuel in a heat exchanger to produce heat. The heated air is then forced by a fan and directed, using adjustable louvers, to warm the air where it’s most needed.

Forced air unit heaters are durable, come in a wide range of sizes and styles to match the required heat load and are the most popular and affordable option for many home owners in Alberta.

Radiant Garage Heaters

Radiant Garage Heater

Radiant tube heaters use radiant heat to heat floors and objects, much like infrared heat from the sun. When the object surfaces warm up from radiant heat, the heat is then circulated to the surrounding air creating a warm heated space.

Radiant heat can lower fuel bills and save energy when compared to unit heaters because unit heaters use forced air which heats, circulates and re-heats cold air. You’ll notice how much more comfortable radiant heat is and how it keeps the floor warmer than forced air or gravity heaters.

Power Venting for Garage Heaters

Roof Vented and Power Vented garage heaters

Power vented heaters rely on a fan to blow exhaust gasses out. Because they don’t rely on the natural buoyancy of hot air, the vent pipe does not have to be in a vertical position to force unwanted gasses outside.

Power venting is an especially good solution for more energy efficient, tightly built homes, where a good natural draft is difficult to establish.

Forced Air Heating versus Radiant Heating

Radiant Heating in a Garage
Radiant Heater

Radiant Heaters

Radiate heat to the floor, vehicle(s) and objects in garage. The floor and warm objects radiate the heat into the air.


  • Lower operating cost
  • When garage door is opened there is less heat-loss as objects in garage maintain radiant heat
  • Does not blow dust as a forced air unit would


  • Heat is more intense, uncomfortable with low ceilings, directly under the heater
  • Air is not as evenly heated as forced air heaters

Radiant Heating in a Garage
Forced Air Heater

Forced Air Heaters

Forced air is similar to the furnace in your home. Warm air is blown into the area being heated. Heat is evenly distributed and heating units are quieter than the past.


  • Provides a very comfortable even heat, as found in your home
  • Heats up garage quickly
  • Installation location can be more flexible than radiant heaters


  • Higher operational cost, as much as 30% more than radiant heaters
  • Warm air rises to the ceiling. When garage door is opened the heater must reheat the entire area again

Airdrie Air Guarantee

  • "NO SURPRISES" GUARANTEE: Once the work starts, the price quoted is the price you pay, even if the job entails more work than estimated
  • EQUIPMENT SIZE GUARANTEE: Our customers, do not have to bear the responsibility for determining the correct equipment size and installation procedures. If the desired result is not achieved, we will make any modifications, repairs, and if necessary, replace it at no additional charge. Void if customer wants smaller or larger unit than we have calculated for the home
  • REPAIRS: Repairs or service, when required
  • INSTALLERS: Will take all necessary precautions to protect customer's property. We will put down drop cloths (where needed), remove all old equipment and clean up work area
  • PERMITS: Install and completely comply with existing codes. Gas and/or Electrical permits and inspections included in prices
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