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HVAC Relief for Allergy Sufferers

Up to 40% of the world’s population suffers from allergic rhinitis - where allergy symptoms typically include sneezing, coughing, watery-eyes and throat irritation. The summer of 2022 in Airdrie has, so far, been free of smoke from forest fires which has been welcome news for allergy sufferers. Air pollutants such as fire-smoke, pollen, dust, mould, cleaning solutions that give off VOCs, pet dander and more can make life difficult for those affected.

It may surprise many that indoor air quality can be worse, as pollutants can be more concentrated, than outdoor air quality. All of the above mentioned air pollutants can vary from household to household, depending on lifestyle conditions, but everyone is impacted to some extent as many homes are air-tight and the fact we spend approximately 90% of our lives indoors.

Allergy sufferers also realize autumn is just around the corner and as Airdrie is a relatively small community surrounded by farmland the dust from harvest will also have its annual impact on air quality.

Hot Summers and Cool Air

As our summers seem to be getting warmer more and more people rely on air conditioning for relief. Unfortunately ACs need the home to have its windows and doors closed as a sealed home is more energy-friendly and efficient for the cooling system. A tightly-sealed, poorly-ventilated home can only exasperate air quality levels. Dirty ductwork will also help to trap and collect pollutants along with bacteria and viruses and carry them through the vents.

Improved Indoor Air

We can help families who suffer from allergies and improve your air quality. There are viable solutions that can considerably improve indoor air quality with proven HVAC system components including:

Indoor Air Cleaner

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Indoor Air Cleaner

more about air cleaners

Indoor Air Purifier

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Whole House Humidifier

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Indoor Air Ventilator

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Whole House Air Treatment Cleaner

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Air Quality Testing

Airdrie Air’s diagnostic testing can identify air quality issues in your home to find the best solution to improve your environment with particle allergens, chemical pollutants, carbon dioxide, humidity, temperature, and carbon monoxide detection.

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