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1042LH Legacy Humidifier

Indoor Humidity Control

You can greatly improve the comfort in your home, especially during our cold, dry months, with a humidifier allowing you to adjust the level of humidity. You’ll see marked improvement with common symptoms related to dry air such as electrostatic shock, dry skin and scratchy throats.

Unlike conventional portable home humidifiers which are limited to the room they are located, professional whole home humidifiers allow for better humidity control throughout the entire home by using the homes heating and s central air system.

1042LH Legacy Humidifier

improve the comfort in your home

Airdrie Air recommends the 1042LH Legacy Humidifier will deliver comfort in your home and offers many benefits including; reducing asthma and allergy symptoms, protect woodwork (floors, furniture musical instruments) in addition to lowering the constant cycling of air.

Summer air feels warmer because the air contains moisture. Adding humidity to your home during dry winter months will allow you to rely on the home heating system less and provide greater comfort.

The 1042LH Legacy Humidifier distributes warm air through a water-soaked Vapor Pad® inside the humidifier adding moisture to the warmed air and is then sent through the homes’ central heating and cooling system.

Dry air can cause woodwork to crack creating gaps in windows & doors which then allows cold air from outside into the home. When cold, dry air enters your home and is warmed to room temperature, the relative humidity can drop to as little as 5%. Compare that to the average 25% relative humidity of the Sahara Desert and you can understand why the air inside your home can seriously affect your health and comfort.

Dry air also feels colder, with a humidifier you can lower your thermostat - saving you money. Turning your thermostat down just three degrees can reduce your heating bill by as much as 5%.

A home that is properly humidified can also reduce viruses which thrive in low humidity. Dry air, common in the winter months, can trigger asthma and allergy symptoms, as well as increase dry itchy, cracked skin and throat and nasal irritation. You can help protect your family’s health by installing a humidifier.

Air Purifier Benefits

  • For Home Sizes up to 2,800 Sq. Ft.
  • Shut-Off Damper
  • Manual-Control Duct Mount Humidistat
  • Replacement Vapor Pad®. Replace 1-2 times per season.


High indoor humidity can make your home uncomfortable. The solution? Lower the relative humidity in your home with a whole-home dehumidifier from Airdrie Air and enjoy automatic year-round comfort in your home. A dehumidifier can be beneficial for the following issues:

  • A musty odor in your living areas, basement, or crawl space
  • You feel “cold and clammy” when you‘re indoors
  • Visible mold growth, condensation or water stains on the inside of your home
  • Cupped wood paneling or warped wood floors
  • Peeling wallpaper or blistering paint
  • Helps mitigate mold growth caused by high humidity in your home
  • Helps create an environment where dust mites can’t survive (when air is maintained below 50% relative humidity*)
  • Helps protect your hardwood flooring from warping when set to maintain the relative humidity in the range recommended by the hardwood flooring manufacturer