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Ensure the optimal performance of your cooling and heating systems with Airdrie Air’s comprehensive maintenance services. Our annual air conditioning maintenance is a critical step in preventing expensive breakdowns, particularly during the hot summer months when your air conditioner is essential. Additionally, we are pleased to introduce our new furnace/heating section to enhance the efficiency and reliability of your heating systems.

Air Conditioning Tune-Up / Maintenance

Experience the benefits of air conditioning maintenance with the following inclusions:

Money-Back Guarantee: If your air conditioner breaks down within one year of service, we refund the tune-up cost towards the repair (see notes).

Performance and Safety Inspection: Our skilled technicians conduct an extensive inspection, prioritizing your AC’s safety and efficiency during each tune-up, providing you with peace of mind.

System Performance Report: A comprehensive report is provided, with a copy left for you and uploaded to our software for future reference.
Furnace/Heating Section Added

Preventing Costly Breakdowns: Regular maintenance now extends to your heating system, preventing expensive breakdowns during the colder months.

Extended Equipment Life: Our services enhance the reliability, efficiency, and overall lifespan of both your air conditioning and heating units.

Improved Home Cleanliness and Air Quality: Enjoy a cleaner home and better indoor air quality, addressing both heating and cooling system components.

Increased Energy Savings: Regular servicing contributes to the energy efficiency of both your air conditioning and heating units, leading to cost savings.


  • Dirty, plugged air filters, or floods are not covered.
  • Issues marked on the maintenance/check report (yellow or red) are exempt from the credit back unless repaired by us before a problem arises.
  • Only Airdrie Air must complete the repairs for credit to be issued.
  • Parts on the checklist are covered.
Air Conditioning and Heating Servicing Benefits

Servicing your air conditioner and heating system offers the following benefits:

  • Reduces energy consumption for both cooling and heating systems.
  • Ensures safe operation throughout the year.
  • Extends the life cycle of your air conditioning and heating units.
  • Significantly lowers the chances of needing emergency repairs during extreme weather conditions.

For more information about air conditioning and heating maintenance, contact Airdrie Air at 403-205-7247

Air Conditioning and Heating Safety and Performance Check

Our comprehensive safety and performance check includes:

Refrigerant Levels and Charge Check: Examination of refrigerant charge, subcooling/superheat, pressures, temperatures, wet bulb, dry bulb, and main valve checks to prevent high electrical bills and increased energy usage due to low refrigerant charges.

Condenser Inspection: Inspection of the outside condenser for maximum airflow, ensuring proper refrigerant condensing and preventing compressor overheating and increased energy bills.

Inspect Blower and Airflow: Thorough check of the blower assembly, including the blower wheel and condenser fan, with necessary adjustments made.

Inspect Motor Amperage and Voltage: Examination of motor amperage and voltage to ensure optimal performance.

Examine Electrical Components: Safety inspection of all electrical components, including capacitors, motors, contactors, compressors, electrical wiring, and connections. Additionally, examination of safety controls to prevent unsafe operations.

We service and maintain all AC and heating makes and models. Choose Airdrie Air for comprehensive HVAC maintenance and experience the benefits of a well-maintained and efficient home climate control system.



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