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Replacement Furnace

Goodman Furnace

Furnace replacement is never an easy choice to make, especially if you aren’t familiar with the life-cycle and expectations of your furnace. Typically you can expect a furnace to operate reliably for around 15 years - 20 years if it’s been properly serviced and maintained.

It gets easier to justify a replacement furnace after that time period as repairs become more frequent and the efficiency of the furnace diminishes with age. Energy costs noticeably increase while your heating system no longer provides the comfort it should.

Replacement Furnace Advantages

  • A replacement furnace is superior in efficiency because manufacturers have been regulated to provide improved minimum-efficiency rated heating equipment compared to models that are 15 years or older
  • New furnaces are more reliable and require less repairs although they do need to maintained (as is the case for all heating systems) to provide optimum efficiency
  • A replacement furnace can require a smaller footprint in your utility room as furnaces have decreased in size with better, more efficient heating cycles
  • Furnaces run quieter and with variable speed fans allow for longer heating cycles at lower speeds maintaining a more consistent, even temperature throughout your home
  • New furnaces are superior in circulating air and with advanced air filters you’ll find improved indoor air quality

High-efficiency Gas Furnaces

When the time comes for furnace replacement Airdrie Air is there to help guide you through the process. We have high-efficiency furnaces with expert installation which ensures lower energy consumption and a longer life-span.

A new replacement furnace will offer a lower-operating cost, using less fuel, to help offset the purchase price while providing excellent comfort during the coldest winter days.

AFUE ratings versus savings
Heating Efficiency Chart

Expert Installation

We install furnaces according to manufacturers and Energy Star guidelines to maximize efficiency.

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Airdrie Air Furnace Guarantee

  • "NO SURPRISES" GUARANTEE: Once the work starts, the price quoted is the price you pay, even if the job entails more work than estimated
  • EQUIPMENT SIZE GUARANTEE: Our customers, do not have to bear the responsibility for determining the correct equipment size and installation procedures. The product(s) installed will heat your home plus or minus 3 degrees at your thermostat. If the desired temperature is not achieved, we will make any modifications, repairs, and if necessary, replace it at no additional charge. Void if customer wants smaller unit than we have calculated for the home
  • 24 HOUR: Emergency service, if ever needed
  • INSTALLERS: Will take all necessary precautions to protect customer's property, such as carpets, hardwood, walls, doors, etc. We will put down drop cloths, remove all old equipment and clean up work area
  • PERMITS: Install and completely comply with existing codes. Gas and/or Electrical permits and inspections included in prices
  • 10 YEAR LABOUR WARRANTY: New furnaces can have, if purchased a 10 year labour warranty within 60 days of installation (excluding commercial or rental properties)
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