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AC Maintenance

Airdrie Air Is Your Go-To Choice For Air Conditioner Maintenance Services.
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Why Choose Airdrie Air  for Your Air Conditioner Maintenance?

Airdrie Air offers annual air conditioning maintenance, a crucial step in preventing costly breakdowns, especially during the hot summer months when your air conditioner is essential.

Modern high-efficient air conditioners demand more frequent servicing to ensure they operate at peak efficiency. The significance of regular maintenance for your cooling system cannot be emphasized enough.

Air Conditioning Tune-Up / Maintenance Benefits of air conditioning maintenance and what’s included:

  • If your air conditioner breaks down within one year of the service, we will refund your money, deducted from the tune-up cost, towards the repair (see notes).
  • Our extensive Performance and Safety Inspection / efficiency tune-up ensures the safety and efficiency of your system, providing you peace of mind.
  • We provide a detailed System Performance Report for your records and future reference.
  • Helps prevent costly breakdowns.
  • Enhances equipment life, reliability, efficiency, home cleanliness, air quality, and energy savings.
  • The Tune-up and Safety Inspection prioritize safety and energy efficiency during each inspection.


  • Dirty, clogged air filters or floods are not covered.
  • Any issues checked off on the maintenance/check report (yellow or red) will be exempt from credit back unless repaired by us before a problem occurs.
  • Only Airdrie Air must complete the necessary repair(s) for credit to be issued.
  • Parts on the checklist are the only ones covered.

Air Conditioning Servicing Benefits Regular servicing reduces energy consumption, ensures safe operation, and extends the unit’s life-cycle. Annual AC servicing significantly decreases the likelihood of emergency AC repairs during hot weather.

Call Airdrie Air today to learn more about air conditioning Maintenance at 403-205-7247.

Air Conditioning Safety and Performance Check

  • Refrigerant Levels and Charge: Check refrigerant charge, sub-cooling/superheat, pressures, temperatures, wet bulb, dry bulb, and main valves. Low refrigerant charges can result in high electrical bills and increased energy usage.
  • Condenser Inspection: Inspect the outside condenser for optimal airflow, ensuring proper condensing of the refrigerant. Blocked condensers can lead to compressor overheating and higher electrical bills.
  • Inspect Blower and Airflow: Examine the blower assembly, including the blower wheel and condenser fan, and adjust as needed.
  • Inspect Motor Amperage and Voltage.
  • Examine Electrical Components: Inspect all electrical components for safety, including capacitors, motors, contactors, compressors, electrical wiring, and connections. Identify and address any damage or corroded components that could lead to unsafe operations.
  • Servicing and Maintaining All AC Makes and Models.

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