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Heating Maintenance

Airdrie Air Is Your Go-To Choice For Heating Maintenance Services.
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Why Choose Airdrie Air for Your Heating Maintenance?

Airdrie Air offers an annual furnace maintenance service that plays a crucial role in preventing costly breakdowns, especially during the winter months when your furnace is in high demand.

Modern high-efficiency furnaces require more frequent servicing compared to older units to ensure they operate at peak efficiency levels. Emphasizing the importance of maintaining your furnace cannot be overstated.

Furnace Tune-Up / Maintenance Key benefits of our furnace maintenance service and what’s included:

  • If your furnace experiences a breakdown within one year of the service, we will refund the tune-up cost towards the repair (see notes).
  • Our service includes an extensive Performance and Safety Inspection / efficiency tune-up, providing peace of mind as we monitor safety and efficiency during each inspection.
  • You’ll receive a comprehensive System Performance Report, with a copy left for your reference and an additional upload to our software program for future needs.
  • Prevention of costly breakdowns.
  • Extended equipment life, enhanced reliability, increased efficiency, a cleaner home, improved air quality, and higher energy savings.
  • Tune-up and Safety Inspection prioritize safety and energy efficiency during each inspection.


  • Exclusions include dirty or clogged air filters, floods, and any issues marked on the maintenance/check report (yellow or red) unless repaired by us before a problem occurs.
  • Repairs must be completed by Airdrie Air for credit eligibility.
  • Only parts listed on the checklist are covered.

Furnace Servicing Benefits Regular furnace servicing reduces energy consumption, ensures safe operation, and extends the life cycle of the unit. Annual furnace servicing significantly lowers the likelihood of emergency furnace repairs during cold weather.

Contact Airdrie Air today to learn more about our furnace maintenance services at 403-205-7247.

Furnace Safety and Performance Check Gas.

  • Burner Inspection and Cleaning: We inspect and service the furnace burner, addressing common issues such as contamination of the flame sensor and failed ignitor, which can reduce furnace efficiency and increase heating bills.
  • Check and Record Carbon Monoxide (CO) Levels Inspect Blower, Inducer Motor, and Airflow: We examine blower assemblies, including the blower belt (if applicable), and make adjustments as needed to ensure optimal performance.
  • Check Motor Amperage and Voltage Gas Valve Calibration: Proper gas pressure calibration is essential for maximum heating efficiency. Incorrect calibration can damage the heat exchanger and create gas leaks. Our calibration ensures peak performance and lower energy costs.
  • Examine Electrical Components: For safety, we inspect all electrical components, including the thermostat, motors, capacitors, electrical wiring connections, circuit boards, and safety controls. Identifying and addressing damaged or corroded components ensures safe operation.
  • Cleaning of P-traps in High-Efficiency Furnaces.

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