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Furnace Installation

Trane High End Furnace
High End Furnaces

Airdrie Air will help you choose the best furnace for your home providing you with comfort and energy efficiency.

We feature ultra-high efficient furnaces and value-priced furnaces, and everything in between depending on your needs.

Call us 403-205-7247 for a free and accurate quote when you need a furnace replacement.

Trane XR14 Air Conditioner

Industry-leading Efficiency

With an impressive 16 SEER efficiency rating you’ll reduce energy cost while being comfortably cool during the hottest summer days.

Reliable Cooling

The XR14 is built with long-lasting, quality parts and components that have been tested again and again for long-lasting performance.

Humidity Control

The XR14 features humidity control for improved air quality delivering ultimate cooling comfort.

Upgraded Fan Motor

The XR14 delivers energy-efficiency, is durable and the single-stage air conditioner is quiet giving consumers excellent value for their cooling system.

We Sell Top HVAC Products from Leading Brands

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Expert Furnace Installation

We provide expert installation and can properly size the furnace required for your heating system.

With correct installation you’ll be able to minimize future repairs and energy cost in addition to maximizing the life-cycle of your new furnace.

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  • Guaranteed Workmanship
  • Free, Accurate Quotes
  • Competitive Rates
  • Licensed, Experienced Technicians
  • Energy Efficient Furnaces
  • Best Furnace Warranty


Trane S9V2 Furnace Features

Airdrie Air features the high end furnace Trane S9V2. This furnace is highly recommended and has excellent online reviews. Most consumer reviews suggest that Trane is one of the best heating and cooling systems and the Trane S9V2 is worth the money if you have the extra budget available for this model.

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Trane S9V2 Furnace

Industry-leading Efficiency

With an impressive 96% AFUE efficiency rating you’ll reduce energy cost while being comfortably warm during the coldest winter days.

Variable-speed Airflow

Allows for better precision of controlled warm air providing consistent heating throughout your home.

Fast and Quiet

The S9V2 is super-quiet when starting up and shutting down and the variable speed motor provides enhanced energy efficiency.

Superior Structural Design

The S9V2’s furnace cabinet is certified as airtight to less than 1% while small enough to fit in the tightest of spaces.

Smart and Functional

The S9v2 features self-diagnostic control and is outfitted with a functional acrylic view window.

Energy Efficient Furnaces

Furnace efficiency for furnaces in Canada is determined by AFUE or annual utilization efficiency ratings. Higher AFUE ratings equal higher fuel efficiency.

With the AFUE you can easily understand the savings advantage with an efficient furnace when compared to older models with an 80 AFUE or lower.

AFUE ratings versus savings
Heating Efficiency Chart

Expert Installation

We install furnaces according to manufacturers and Energy Star guidelines to maximize efficiency.

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Airdrie Air Furnace Guarantee

  • "NO SURPRISES" GUARANTEE: Once the work starts, the price quoted is the price you pay, even if the job entails more work than estimated
  • EQUIPMENT SIZE GUARANTEE: Our customers, do not have to bear the responsibility for determining the correct equipment size and installation procedures. The product(s) installed will heat your home plus or minus 3 degrees at your thermostat. If the desired temperature is not achieved, we will make any modifications, repairs, and if necessary, replace it at no additional charge. Void if customer wants smaller unit than we have calculated for the home
  • 24 HOUR: Emergency service, if ever needed
  • INSTALLERS: Will take all necessary precautions to protect customer's property, such as carpets, hardwood, walls, doors, etc. We will put down drop cloths, remove all old equipment and clean up work area
  • PERMITS: Install and completely comply with existing codes. Gas and/or Electrical permits and inspections included in prices
  • 16 YEAR LABOUR WARRANTY: New furnaces can have a FREE 16-year labour warranty with our club membership (» see details)
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We offer affordable financing for furnace installation as well as other HVAC equipment you may need.

Fast and simple financing featuring competitive rates and flexible plans to choose from.

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