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Furnace Maintenance

Airdrie Air provides annual furnace maintenance which can go a long way in preventing expensive breakdowns during the winter months when your furnace is needed most.

Today’s high-efficient furnaces require more servicing than older units to ensure they run at maximum efficiency. The importance of maintaining your furnace cannot be overstated.

Furnace Servicing Benefits

A furnace service will reduce energy consumption, confirm safe operation and help to extend the life-cycle of the unit. Annual furnace servicing will greatly reduce the chances of your home needing emergency furnace repair when the weather gets cold.

Call Airdrie Air today to find out more about furnace Maintenance. 403-205-7247.

Furnace Safety and Performance Check

  • Gas Burner Inspection and Cleaning We’ll inspect and service the burner in the furnace. The most common failure of burners is due to contamination of the flame sensor and failed ignitor. This can also greatly reduce the efficiency of your furnace, increasing heating bills
  • Check and Record Carbon Monoxide (CO) Levels
  • Inspect Blower, Inducer Motor and Airflow We look over the blower assemblies, including the blower belt (if applicable) and adjust as needed.
  • Check Motor Amperage and Voltage
  • Gas Valve Calibration To achieve maximum heating efficiency the correct amount of gas pressure is required for the furnace. Improper calibration can damage the heat exchanger and dangerous by creating gas leaks. A properly calibrated gas valve will help keep your furnace running at peak performance and lower your energy cost.
  • Examine Electrical Components For safety we provide inspections of all electrical components including, thermostat, motors, capacitors, electrical wiring connections, circuit boards and examine safety controls. Damage or corroded electrical wiring, connections and components can cause unsafe operations.
  • Cleaning of P-traps in High Efficiency Furnaces
Inspecting a furnace

we service and maintain all furnace makes and models

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