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Indoor Air Quality

Enhanced air quality is often overlooked by homeowners even though the air you breathe in your home can often be more polluted than the air outside.

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We Improve Your Home's Air Quality

HVAC System Components to Improve Air Quality

We feature quality HVAC system components which can greatly improve the quality of your home's indoor air.

Indoor Air Cleaner

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Indoor Air Cleaner

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Indoor Air Purifier

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Whole House Humidifier

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Indoor Air Ventilator

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Whole House Air Treatment Cleaner

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Test Your Indoor Air Quality

Your home’s indoor environment may not be as healthy as you think. There are many factors that can affect your indoor air quality (IAQ) including:

  • Your home can generate approximately 40 pounds of dust each year per 1500 square feet
  • One ounce of dust contains about 40,000 dust mites which can adversely affect allergies
  • Indoor air quality can be lowered by carpet, furniture and damp basements
  • Tree pollen, an allergenic irritant, can enter your home from outside
  • Perfume, paint, air fresheners and hairspray can also cause indoor air pollution

Testing - for Peace of Mind

Airdrie Air provides home diagnostic testing specifying valuable information, where we can then help you eliminate major problems impacting your air quality. Analysis of your home will leave you feeling much more confident of the environment you live in - even if tests reveal your home to be safe.

We can test for heating, cooling and humidity in addition to carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide levels and then provide solutions for HVAC or other systems which are contributing to poor air quality. You can count on us as licensed and trained heating and air conditioning professionals to provide solutions, leaving you with peace of mind enjoying your warm, comfortable and healthy home.

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Areas We Test Around Your Home

Indoor Air Quality Solutions

Airdrie Air can help identify air quality issues and find the best solution to improve your environment with Particle Allergens, Chemical Pollutants, Carbon Dioxide, Humidity, Temperature, and Carbon monoxide detection.

Over 90% of all homes have at least one indoor air quality problem. These problems lead to everything from allergies and asthma to discomfort and unsafe conditions. We can provide recommendations for making your home more comfortable and healthy and offer ideas that will help reduce your utility bills.

Test your home today to determine your indoor air quality.